Content Marketing

Telling Stories to Build Trust & Gain Authority

Content marketing is less about words on screen and more about storytelling.
Our clients say that no one tells stories like us.
EduCare combines the power of video, audio, imagery, and text to create compelling stories that your audience will want more of.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

Educational or humorous content gives your customers something to talk about and pass recommendations. That’s free marketing.

Solid Brand Building

Content marketing sets the tone of the conversation when your customers and industry-peers talk about you. That helps your brand stand out from numerous others.

More Conversions

Many in your audience will learn something from your content or have a hearty laugh before they share it. However, some will end up buying from you right away—no hard selling needed.

Increased Website Traffic

Creating great content on a regular basis will bring people to your website, where they can explore your business and buy something from you.

Improved SEO

Great content attracts editorial links which in turn leads to a higher rank on Google Search. Content marketing helps in your SEO.

Publish What Your Audience Wants to Read

Content creation for SEO is an art and a science.
We will help you address the questions and concerns that your audience has related your products or services with unique, informative, and entertaining content. At the same time, we apply the science of on-page SEO to ensure your content ranks well on search engines.

Be Strategic and Credible About the Content Your Produce

Content Marketing helps breaks the ice and makes a great first impression. Imagine spreading the word about your brand without sounding salesy and still managing to showcase your expertise. A strategic content marketing plan can pull this off through proper research and implementation of an SEO technique called silos.

Publish With a Purpose

Each article we publish has a purpose is to help targeted service pages rank through internal and external linking strategies.

Connect with your audience

Connect with your target audience through your content, our team researches and plans the best content for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a doubt. Content marketing is a proven and essential component of digital marketing strategies. If you not creating content for your WordPress site (or any other website) you are missing out on valuable opportunities.

If your website is central to the growth of your business, then engaging in content marketing can be a fantastic investment. Why? Because if you create high quality, timeless content, it will continue to bring you more website visitors year on year.

What you first need to understand is that, there are many businesses out there that are selling what you are selling. So, there are too many options for your potential customers. Now, what you also need to remember is that, a prospective buyer is not really interested in your product. He has a problem that he needs to solve. So, he will go with a brand that can assure to solve his problem in the best possible way. This is where content comes in and makes the difference, by educating your audience, helping them, guiding them and convincing them to purchase your product.  

Figures on lead-to-customer conversion rate, visit-to-lead conversion rate and lifetime value of customers are some of the key measurable results of a content marketing campaign. There are a number of tools that give you a granular look into the results of your content marketing efforts. Monitoring tools like Google Analytics and statistics from social media are just some of the many ways in which you can measure success.

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