Benefits of our Enrollment Software

Educare’s Enrollment Software is tailored to meet the needs of PK-12 public, private, Catholic, charter, and international schools. Our products are designed to improve productivity, increase efficiency, maximize communication and inspire student success. We offer experience, reliability, great technical support, and features not found in other systems.

Virtual Lottery Management

Educare Suite allows you to assign lottery numbers to all applicants publicly in seconds and email applicants their lottery numbers.

Waitlist Applicants

Automatically sort applicants according to your school's priorities. When a prospective family withdraws their application, the wait list rearranges instantly and other families are informed of their new wait list status via email.

Online Applications

Use Online Applications and Online Enrollment to create a truly paperless solution. Eliminate the extra hours of data entry on behalf of your staff

Easy to use interface

We are always thinking of new ways to improve our user's experience, dont lose time learning how use other companies software.

Build Visibility, Build Trust, Engage New Students

From online inquiries and applications, to managing student and staff data, to connecting with students and families via web and mobile, Educare’s student management software can transform your school.

We connect schools, families and communities.

Your school is a hub for your entire community. Educare’s integrated school management system not only connects everyone within your school, it connects your school to your students, families and everyone in your community.

Why our Enrollment System is the key to increase Enrollment

With the applicant registration feature by our web registration form, parents can submit their children´s applications from the comfort of their homes. They can also submit the relevant documents for enrollment in one go, so it reduces the mistakes and eliminates the unnecessary paperwork.

Our system offers a centralized view for school administrators to quickly find the information they need about students, their parents, statistics of the enrollment process and more to make the best deccisions.

We build customized dashboards and email/SMS notifications to keep students and parents informed. You can set up automatic Emails and SMS for a particular set of recipients on specific events, news about the student enrollment process, and more.

Parents can login and see the status of their children’s applications at all times. They can also send messages to school administrators, update their children´s  documents, and more.

The documents related to students can be saved digitally, including alumni.

The export operation helps in operations like the backup of data, data analysis, data-driven decision making, etc. Your information is backed up instantly onto our secure platform and you can download your reports and information in Excel documents.

Educare Suite for Schools offers comprehensive security features, such as user-access controls, and automated threat assessment.

Our system ensures your student´s enrollment operations aren’t interrupted when they have to run.

Educare Solutions Suite for Schools automatically translates into a browser’s default language. Our customers are based all around the world, so we’ve made our software available in several of the most common languages.

As admin can effortlessly keep track of enrollment students applications. You can also check open and close apps for the school year,  know enrollment status, filter by school year and review the newest and oldest apps, and more.

Save time

Real time stats

Complete overview on students aquicition and retention, which help in better decision making.


Security of students´ records and documents from mismanagement and data loss.

Multilingual & translatable

Demolishes geographical barriers, as students can submit your Enrollment form from anywhere at anytime in different languages.

Streamline the process

with fully responsive online forms for inquiries, applications, e-recommendations, and more.

Track each prospect

step-by-step through a customizable web-based admissions process.

Automatically inform

parents, applicants and staff throughout each step of the admissions process.

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Enroll students with one click!

The data moves automatically into our Software Easily export admissions data to any other SIS.

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