Promotional Materials

Identify key competitors and community events increase your presence through a end to end marketing strategy that includes promotional material that has a consistent message, yard signs that generate awareness, signage that can be seen from miles away and so much more

Benefits of Promotional Materials

Expand your Brand Awareness

Don’t waste money, paper and time sending postcards to zip codes with general messages, send middle school messages to parents with middle school children and spanish messages to hispanic parents your success rates will increase and your costs will decrease.

Beat the Competition

With targeted mailings you save a lot of money as your resources are not wasted aimlessly because you are targeting your desired audience while not losing any benefits.

Increase your Enrollments

Be it English or Spanish we can customize and translate your messages as to not let any possible opportunity go by.

Community builder

Building and taking care of your community is a key part of any succesful business, with targeted mailings you can meet all your audience expectations.

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Experience with schools

Our experience working with schools precedes us, we know what works and what doesn’t, we know the audience you’re targeting and how to establish a connection with them.

A tailored experience

Work hand in hand with our Marketing and Designing teams to create the best possible Campaigns for your brand.

mailings, banners, yard signs, we got it all

With us you get access to multiple tools to show the world your brand, our marketing and designing teams are more than eager and ready to start your Educare experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Promotional materials are items used to promote a product, service or company program including advertising specialties, premiums, incentives,  commemoratives and other imprinted or decorated items.

In a world where consumers are bombarded by advertising messages, promotional products stand alone. A print ad, an internet pop-up, a television ad or a radio spot all interrupt and distract consumers. But a promotional product engages and is welcomed by the consumer and then integrated into their lifestyle. In fact, it’s the only marketing medium that the consumer says thank you for.

We make everything from mailings to banners, yards signs, posters it all depends on what you need and how you want to convey your message.

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