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Our people strive to be the best talent in their respective fields. We develop solutions that are effective and deliver real success for our customers’ bottom line. Meet the team behind your projects!


Copywriters are essential in the development and creation of an image, strategy, a brand. Saying many things in few words is today a virtue we wish many of us possessed. Their part in the TEAM is to take a concept and put i in words that we can all remember.

Ezequiel Lupo


Marcelo Juarez

Web Developer

Web Developers

Designing websites and many other features that make the acquisition of new students a reality is important but most important the write the codes that make you think ALEXA knows what you said last night.

Marketing Managers

Our Marketing teams need guidance and support so our Marketing manager is a key player in making sure that the marketing strategy is executed correctly for every TEAM. bringing concepts to reality.

Mercedes Gomez

Digital Marketing Assistant

Tamanaha Daiana

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers

Our Graphic designers utilize their eye for art to fabricate innovative branding concepts, logos, ad campaigns, and marketing materials for print and web. Bringing text to life through a single image.

Software Developers

Understanding the process for 50+ schools in 8 different regions needs knowledge, experience, patience, creativity, restraint, curiosity  and the technical skills to build programs that do what they do 24/7 365 days a year. For us “end users” it’s only a button on our cell phone or an electronic form that is uploaded but for programers it is hours of code and a challenge that never ends.

Alejandro Porcelli

Software Developer

Adrian Soto

Motion Graphic Designer

Motion Graphic Designers

There is no better way to transmit a message that will be watched and retained than through a video.  MGD’s are experts in combining video with animations, illustrations and music  to deliver custom content ​for every TEAM both on the web and on websites.

Community Managers

An essential part of a school’s image and of its success in student acquisition is its ability of the community manager to guide parents through awareness to interest, desire and acquisition to result in an application and a new student enrolled in your school.

Carolina Boestch

Community Manager

Maritza Galoppi



They don’t like working here because we don’t get it but we all know that without them we would not be here and just like all of us they have a job to do and they do it well.

Human Resources

Human Resources

As part of any organization Human Resources is key in the hiring process and in finding staff for our growing business. They create forms that even our designers don’t like to make pretty ( except for the Vacation and Bonus Forms).

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